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A key factor of any UC deployment is the promise of a more consistent user experience across a wider range of communications features. To achieve this, a critical task is to tightly integrate the server-based communications products and application functionality regardless of the manufacturer in a UC infrastructure. Yet, many UC architects forget to include monitoring technologies into the initial plan and treat it more as an afterthought. Nevertheless, once UC Engineers see the value that Predictive UC Analytics provides, they realize how much time the platform would have saved them.

The Predictive UC Analytics platform’s auto discovery features make monitoring a ‘snap’ by providing visibility to the endpoint and automatically synchronizing the network to the internal logical device grouping including device pool, device location, device class, and hunt group. In addition, the flexible interface enables the creation of custom groups like executive phones, conference rooms, and soft phones like Jabber and WebEx that require special attention.

UC Devices UC DevicesUC Devices

The Predictive UC Analytics platform keeps a watchful eye on the UC infrastructure all the way down to the endpoints by monitoring:

  • Concurrent Call Quality
  • Service level thresholds for Jitter, Latency, Packet Loss
  • Unregistered Devices
  • Trunk Down/Unregistered
  • Gateway Down/Unregistered
  • Internal UC Service Stopped

Each can be easily configured with actionable alerts and notifications that can be sent via email or text, generate help tickets in tools like ServiceNow or Remedy, as well as, publish derived content to other business portals or team based systems.

Contact us to see more of Predictive UC Analytics’s Service Assurance features and better understand how they keep you ahead of the game.

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