Move C-Suite Initiatives Forward

Whether you have 10,000 end points or 100,000, one tool gives you the power to scale, evolve, and move your company forward.


Move C-Suite Initiatives Forward

Whether you have 10,000 end points or 100,000, one tool gives you the power to scale, evolve, and move your company forward.

You can’t afford to navigate your UC stack in the dark.

Blindly speculating about your company’s communication can hinder growth, cost resources, and stall business objectives. This leads to:

  • High turnover as your IT team is strained to troubleshoot additional remote communication.
  • A steady drain on profits from needlessly assimilating data and assembling it into actionable items.
  • Communication budgets that spiral out of control.
  • Not knowing when internal users are dissatisfied or being able to field communication quality complaints.

Have confidence in all your communications

Bandwidth constraints of a distributed workforce require uninterrupted monitoring to ensure the results you want.

Make critical decisions faster

Understanding the complete picture from a single platform eliminates the guesswork.

Empower your IT team to grow top-line revenue

Give your IT team the power to move objectives forward instead of constantly managing issues that never go away.

Failing to level up your existing UC stack could impact your company’s bottom line. With a vendor-agnostic UC monitoring tool, you’ll not only optimize your current communication environment but also funnel future innovations into revenue growth.

Predictive UC Analytics – Executive Dashboard Screenshot

Give your IT team the power to…

Monitor all of your communication budget strategically

Comprehensive UC stack monitoring allows you to make better decisions with staffing, licenses, equipment, and goal-setting.

Arrive at faster common-thread solutions company-wide

Predictive UC Analytics correlates all UC&C traffic and sends real-time notifications that not only notify you of a condition but delivers the detail for you to identify the root cause.

Investigate customer loss and service quality issues accurately

Assessing communication complaints has traditionally been hit or miss. Now you can keep staff accountable and diagnose issues accurately and efficiently.

Get optimal ROI from your UC stack

As communication tools stack up, so does your cost. Our birds-eye view allows you to make the right decisions for your bottom line.

Level-up your work-from-home communication

Predictive UC Analytics is a holistic tool that gives your IT team the power to manage and improve the remote-work environment.

Equip IT to grow top-line revenue

Using Predictive UC Analytics, IT can provide relevant data that drives top-line initiatives forward, essentially embedding them in the business unit.

Testimonials from clients working with TeleMate …

“TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics is one the best companies I have worked with.”


Make UC&C work for you

Our Predictive UC Analytics simplifies the complexity of your communication tools so that the only barrier in moving your business forward is your imagination.

Put your IT team in the driver’s seat.

In the hands of the right IT director, Predictive UC Analytics helps teams scale, evolve, and meet all of your communication needs. So you can go from putting out fires to moving C-suite initiatives forward.

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