UC Service Modeling

Business professionals are realizing that basic reporting systems that output basic data are not ideal for decision-making and presentations. Instead Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are necessary to quantify business objectives to monitor their performance and determine areas of success and those needing added attention. Predictive UC Analytics Service Modeling provides business stakeholders a simple interface to transform complex UC session data into actionable insight KPIs that focus on revenue improvement, cost reduction, process improvement, and improved customer satisfaction.

Predictive UC Analytics’ Service Modeling provides users capabilities to model and cross-correlate UC Session attributes historically, as well as, gain visibility into future patterns by the use of statistical algorithms. Actionable alarms and notifications are provided, giving staff instant awareness and the complete details when triggers are met.


Service Modeling is commonly used to provide insight and foresight into:

  • Traffic Management and Capacity Planning of trunks and ports
  • Quality of Service, including MOS scores, jitter, latency, and packet loss
  • Contact Center queue and agent performance
  • Employee Productivity
  • Adoption of UC&C Services
  • User Experience

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