Whether you are responsible for the health and wellness of the voice network, video conferencing services, or all of UC&C, having powerful troubleshooting tools that shed light on the root cause of an issue is critical. Numerous tools exist that provide basic SMNP monitoring and alarming features. What is needed is a tool that provides the ability to cross correlate all UC&C traffic, bridge session activity to the provisioning configuration of endpoint devices, and provide SNMP monitoring with user definable KPIs alarm triggers.  Predictive UC Analytics has that and more.

UC monitoring and analytic technologies either evolve from the data side or telecommunication side of the tracks. Predictive UC Analytics is unique in that it’s origins have a deep history in telecommunications. Predictive provides a 360 degree view of the network by providing capabilities of collection of all UC&C streams from the endpoint device to the edge border element. One solution for voice, video, and collaboration services. Second, Predictive bridges device session activity that includes multiple QoS attributes to the physical device configuration from the call manager, MCU, or expressway technology.  Thresholds and flexible alarming criteria can drive interactive dashboards and real-time notifications that not only notify you of a condition but delivers the detail for you to identify the root cause.


Views that network administrators find beneficial include:

  • Bi-Directional Traffic Flows
  • User – Device – Line Relationship
  • Mobility Reach
  • Route/Hunt Lists
  • Service Parameters
  • Session Forwarding Options
  • Voicemail State

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