Predictive Analytics

Traditional reporting technologies only go one step beyond providing access to raw data straight off of the network devices that outputted it. Even advanced systems that provide historical trending are siloed in nature providing limited visibility to a single UC technology and in many cases for a single manufacturer. Predictive UC Analytics provides significantly more. Predictive UC Analytics future-proofs your investment by being universal across UC components of Voice, Contact Centers, Video, IM/Presence, Collaboration, and Email in a single solution that is manufacturer independent. Second, Predictive UC Analytics is a solution that gives end-users not just historical and real-time access to session activity but statistical modeling of traffic patterns with accurate long-term and short-term projections so that you can run a business with confidence.


Communication sources, like call managers, video MCUs and session border controllers, generate complex event records often with excess of hundreds of attributes that represent source, destination and pathways of the communication activity. As UC session activity is being collected Predictive UC Analytics enhances and statically models the session activity. Automation provides real-time visibility not not just for immediate actionable events but for short & long-term modeling of capacity, adoption, staff performance, and revenue assurance. Predictive UC Analytics provides interactive interfaces and reports with built in notification capabilities to trend outliers and significant deviations of activity to make any business criteria actionable. Practical applications support business requirements for contact centers, business analytics, IT network planning, and network security.

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