Cost Allocation

Bottom line cost allocation is a critical function of all organizations.  Costs that support the internal services of a department are commonly allocated to operating units via an allocation process. This allocation occurs to support measurement of full product or service cost (as examined by GAAP), to make managers of operating units aware of the complete cost of their activities, and to discourage waste and inefficiency by over-utilization or under-utilization of a service.

Being that UC communications’ infrastructure and endpoint device licences are so expensive, finance department functions from the Controller to the CFO want full accountability since every one dollar saved equates to three dollars earned. Predictive UC Analytics ability to calculate, manage, and associate communication activity costs  to each organizational unit enables simple assignment to general ledger entries. Second, Predictive’s ability to track and distribute both recurring and non-recurring charges is an added benefit.

Popular cost allocation features include:

  • Expense Code Distribution
  • Batched Invoices
  • General Ledger Reconciliation
  • Account Code Analysis
  • Profit & Loss Breakdown

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