Contact Center Performance

Contact Center supervisors responsible for daily operations are continually burdened by the dual responsibility of managing staffing requirements and service level mandates. Adding to the complexity more contact centers have begun embracing additional collaboration technologies like Video, IM, Collaboration, and Application Sharing services. Predictive UC Analytics flexible, yet simple, analytic interfaces and real-time statistical trending addresses the needs of executives, supervisors and agents in a single solution.

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Predictive UC Analytics provides a rich feature set of interfaces to visualize and measure contact center performance. Based on an individual’s expectations on how they like to look at information Predictive provides. Predictive has flexible options for real-time activity, agent and queue summaries, KPI service modeling, geo-location mapping, statistical trending, and historical / automated reporting. Second, flexible security features provide secure, role-based access controls that extend across each contact center feature, queue, and to the field level.

Another powerful feature set that is unique to Predictive UC Analytics is our host of Contact Experience reports. Each experience report utilizes statistical models to score both inbound and outbound callbacks grading a customer’s experience from an ‘A’ to a ‘F’. Flexible options enable you to interface with the scoring levels and attributes like transfer, hold-time, number of calls or callback. Other reports include linking all customer interactions across time for organizations where every missed contact is lost revenue.

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