CDR Reporting

Traditional CDR Reporting is a must have for many organizations that require historical archiving of call activity. Business needs include exception reporting, expense management, billing and cost allocation, and employee productivity. Predictive UC Analytics universal nature provides the ideal solution for collecting, normalizing, and reporting on all call detail output streams. Regardless of the phone system manufacturer or model, Predictive UC Analytics captures every session attribute, provides automatic retention periods to ensuring access to call activity is always available, and delivers interactive and automated report delivery. Report output is available in popular formats including PDF, XLSX, and HTML via email, collaboration platforms like Cisco Spark or Microsoft SharePoint, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Best of all, the Predictive UC Analytic platform will exceed your expectations with interactive dashboards, point & click drill down to call detail, automatic trending and real-time notification of traffic patterns including E911. Additional common use-cases for CDR Reporting performed by Predictive UC Analytics include Traffic Management of PRIs or SIP trunks, Capacity Planning, and Contact Center performance.

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