Adoption Analysis

Studies have shown that many organizations spend proportionally more of their IT budget on unified communications than any other technology. With that stated organizations have a clear vision of what they expect to gain from unified communications – greater employee productivity, accelerated time-to-market, reduced costs and a means to improve customer satisfaction. Yet, these same organizations lack the visibility to who and how voice, video, and collaboration technologies are being utilized.

With the cost of UC being so high, executives are now insisting on validation that their investments are being optimized. Adoption analysis provided through Predictive UC Analytics delivers ongoing proof. Proof can be recognized across all UC media types where time-based models show concurrent activity with statistical analytics providing actionable data supporting expansion of licenses required or the need for a reduction. Results could also point to the need for internal training, since one person using Cisco’s popular WebEx collaboration service 10 times a day is not the same as 10 people using it once per day.

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