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Predictive UC Analytics is an enterprise class solution that provides secure, role-based visibility into mission critical unified communication services including Voice, Video, IM/Presence, Collaboration, Application Sharing, and Email. Installed locally on your network Predictive UC Analytics actively monitors, trends, and predicts UC activity needed to identify security breaches, service disruption, and traffic anomalies, as well as, provide usage measurements to optimize resource allocation and service adoption.

How does it work?

On PremiseHigh AvailabilityCollector Pro

Our Professional Services organization, leverages experience gained from over 18,000 deployments to install and accelerate your return on investment and knowledge transfer. Once installed, real-time Windows services collect, normalize, and trend call activity providing secure, yet selective, role-based access into historical reporting and interactive dashboards. By default information is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database. Options to attach to an existing SQL database server is also provided. Flexible display options enable administrators to easily tailor availability of session detail by someone’s skill level or business function. Simple point and click options can provision managers to be recipients of automated reports or share views, have access to self-help reports, interactive dashboards, and heat-maps of real-time activity.

Licensed software often provides enhanced value to customers by enabling interoperability with key network systems including Directory Services, Customer Management Resources, and Ticketing Systems. Additionally, real-time notification methods are also available to provide instant notification of service interruption.

TeleMate’s Collector Pro is often included in deployments as a mechanism to collect, bind, and securely relay records or a super-set of call detail to a centralize server. Registered as a Windows Service the Collector Pro supports a host of collection technologies including Syslog, Telnet/TCP Client or Server, FTP/SFTP, Reliable Session Protocol (RSP), Serial communication, and scripting used to push, pull, or bind data from any ODBC compatible source. In addition automatic archiving and alarming offers a rich alternative to traditional call storage devices.

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