Hybrid cloud computing is a deployment model which involves combining the use of multiple cloud services across different deployment models – in particular, combining the use of public cloud services with private cloud services. Both Predictive UC Analytics and Cumulus’s Hosted Cloud Service offering can be use in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft’s Azure, or IBM BlueMix to address even the most complex business requirements.

How does it work?

Both Predictive UC Analytics and Cumulus Predictive UC Analytics provide the necessary tools needed to address many of the technical challenges that need to be considered during the planning and design phase of a hybrid cloud service.

HybridThe first is network connectivity when a public cloud or a hosted private cloud are involved. This includes ensuring bandwidth, latency, reliability and associated cost be taken into consideration, as well as, routing and firewall rules. Predictive accomplishes this by including robust collection and relaying services to ensure data delivery, provide historical backup, and watchdog processes for guaranteed service delivery. The second is manageability of different cloud services. Predictive UC Analytics accomplishes this by using flexible authentication and information sharing methods thus making it easier to access and share analytics across systems regardless of location. Predictive provides a number of options of forwarding both historical and real-time content to other cloud services hosted in either a public or private cloud. From simple automated reporting to publishing analytics through REST APIs, IFrames, or other web resources. Predictive will make sure information is where you want it when you need it.

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