Role-based Access Controls

Traditionally, when selecting a tool that provides visibility into IT core infrastructure, network engineers look only at technologies to address their immediate business requirements. Predictive UC Analytics is changing the approach to selecting a solution that addresses the greater need of the entire business.

Driving operational efficiency is putting the ‘right’ information into the ‘right’ individuals hands. Predictive UC Analytics’ role-based access controls, being arguably the most powerful feature of the solution, does just that. Flexible security profiles enable administrators to restrict access to all application components, views, and reports. Administrators can also restrict access down to the field level, so that if you are in sales or a member of the call center you don’t get confused by digging through fields and data that represent quality of service including MOS scores, jitter, latency, and packet loss.

Role-based access controls provide a tailored real-time, interactive interface just for your business function. Almost as if the IT organization purchased a solution just for you. Contact us to learn more about how security can be used to empower your organization.

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