Real-time Dashboards

Predictive UC Analytics’ web interfaces empowers organizations and employees with role-based access controls to slice and dice unified communication activity data across a wide array of business functions. Many styles of real-time KPI dashboards provide simple interfaces to transform data into easy-to-understand data visualizations. Whether being used by contact centers as wall boards that provide up to the second details on queues and agent state changes or being leveraged by the IT organization for monitoring quality of service matrices like jitter, latency, and MoS scores, Predictive UC Analytics real-time dashboards have the information waiting for you when you need it.

All real-time dashboards are fully interactive using size and color to represent defined thresholds with optional alarms that notify management by delivering actionable details for faster response times.

Predictive UC Analytics’ role-based access controls enable dashboards to be owned. Employees can be granted access to create, edit, and delete dashboards. They can also share with view-only privileges to other individuals in the organization. Shared dashboards accelerate the ROI to the business by eliminating training and implementation time.

For maximum control, Predictive UC Analytics’ flexibility allows organizations to embed dashboards into Help Desk ticketing systems or Customer Management Systems (CRMs) utilizing IFrames or other Web resource technologies.

Some of the most popular dashboards that have been driven by customer feedback include:

  • Contact Center – Live calls by queue, Live calls by agent, Queue summary, Agent summary
  • Dynamic Service Modeling of KPIs
  • Detail Monitors
  • ViewPoint Geo-location Mapping
  • Predictive Trending

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