Multi-Tenant Security

Service Providers that are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition leverage Predictive UC Analytics to add value to their offering. By utilizing Predictive’s multi-tenant security, service providers and some large enterprise accounts can delegate secure role-based access to downstream customers in the form of a privately labeled, self-service analytic portal. Under this mode of operation over arching system administrators can provision customer specific administrators and select access to their own private portal whereby they can create roles and access privileges for their internal stakeholders.

Multi-tenant security can be used to create tiered service levels where service providers can structure revenue generating offerings. Since Predictive’s security controls encompass all features, data sets, and session activity to the field level, offerings can be tailored customer by customer if needed. From providing automated reports to customer stakeholders too providing simple to use, interactive contact center wallboards, Predictive UC Analytics will set you apart.

By using Predictive UC Analytics, you will be maximizing both your operational budget and increase your ability to grow your customer base. From an operational perspective Predictive provides a universal solution that is independent of technology changes that support UC&C services. Second, as a single solution it eliminates staff involvement reconciling siloed UC session detail for billing and SLA reporting. Another significant benefit obtained from the centralization of all customer activity is Predictive’s ability drive sales and marketing efforts. Predictive’s statistical modeling provides the foresight to pinpoint how customers are utilizing their UC&C service and ¬†when they need additional licenses.

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