Interactive Heatmaps

Just like your traditional mobile service providers that provide you a network coverage map, Predictive UC Analytics provides you the ability to represent your UC&C session activity geographically. Using the interactive ViewPoint feature, Predictive UC Analytics allows stakeholders to view session detail by source and destination address location or by the physical location of the device. Positioning is achieved by a number of different techniques from phone calls that utilize V&H coordinates of area codes and exchanges in North America and internal country code and city patterns. Other media types that are address based or leverage logging in email and collaboration systems have different techniques. Domain names can obtain MX records by using reverse look ups with the mail server associated with the domain. Geo-IP data can then be used to provide the location detail for mapping.

Consistent throughout Predictive UC Analytics, ViewPoint utilizes size and color as visual queues for drill down interaction into session details. Numerical values that are typically found in session activity or ones that ViewPoint derives or calculates for mapping include duration, cost, number of sessions, packets and bytes TX/RX, and contact center attributes like wait, ring, hold, and work time.


Like all features Predictive’s heatmaps can be created to represent any business specific topics that require instant visibility. Common areas include:

  • Bi-Directional QoS Monitoring of Clustered Networks
  • Inbound or Outbound Contact Mapping
  • SLA Monitoring
  • Customer Activity Tracking

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