Cradle to Grave Visualization

An ongoing design consideration of Predictive UC Analytics focuses on the ability to link communication events by any possible means to provide business stakeholders cradle-to-grave visibility. A simple example is the ability to chain a call transferring from one party to another. This premise can be expanded by linking call activity from a call manager cluster to another cluster as well as a call from a call manager to and from a contact center deployment or possibly into a voicemail system. The simplest to explain example is using call detail, but the same premise can also be applied to other forms of unified communications. The challenge is binding the attributes in the session activity to the data sets together.

Many manufacturers of UC&C systems provide event links or leg identifiers for basic associations. Predictive UC Analytics’s capabilities go beyond basic linking. Algorithms are used to cache activity across session streams by identifying the most significant match. This expands the value beyond that of traditional reporting systems. Business functions that greatly benefit from this enhanced visibility include:

  • Contact Centers
  • Retail and business services organizations
  • IT teams responsible for network planning and optimization

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