Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting provides both an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience, as well as, maximum flexibility to control the level of visibility you or other business stakeholders require. Selection options provide choices for including summary, detail, fields to be displayed, grouping by levels, chart visibility and even what the charts are presenting. Once created it can be scheduled, run on-demand, or shared with other members of the team. Predictive UC Analytic reports can also be used as alarming mechanisms where report delivery only occurs if data reaches filtered thresholds or on a defined frequency. The reports can also be published to collaboration systems like Cisco Spark™, Microsoft SharePoint™, Slack Enterprise Grid™ or to hybrid cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Dropbox.


Reporting categories are provided to address traditional business requirements but templates and dynamic filtering across the underlying data storage of the system provide endless views whether you are in IT, Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, or part of the multi-media contact center

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