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Imagine confidently solving communication and collaboration issues before they arise.

With TeleMate, you can.

TeleMate provides free 15-minute consultations tailored to discuss your workplace analytics monitoring and troubleshooting needs.

With TeleMate, critical visibility just got easier.

  • Troubleshoot before problems become disasters
  • Predict and validate communication needs
  • Drive business directives forward intelligently
  • Get the data you need quickly and effectively
  • Put out fires before they happen

What to expect?

Our consultations include an opportunity to speak to your current UC&C monitoring pain points and a brief conversation on the TeleMate approach to UC analytics and monitoring. Our team will provide you the necessary information to determine if it makes sense to schedule a more detailed product demonstration.

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Moving your communications forward

1. Attend a Demo

Our team will present a demo with your team of stakeholders to assess if we’re a good fit.

2. Proposal & Plan

TeleMate will present a plan, which includes critical best practices, to enable your organization to harness the power of your UC&C ecosystem.

3. Onboard to Better Visibility!

As part of the implementation process, TeleMate’s professional services team will help you identify critical KPI’s and train your team to get maximum value.

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