Steve Tabaska – CEO

Steve Tabaska has over 35 years in High Tech, 9 years running companies and over 26 years of engineering, product development and program management experience in the Networking industry. Prior to being CEO of TeleMate, Steve was GM at Si2 Microsystems. Prior responsibility was Vice President of Engineering within the Xros division at Nortel Networks, where he played an instrumental role in leading the development of Nortel’s 3D MEMs transparent optical cross connect before and after Nortel’s $3.25 billion acquisition of Xros. Steve was VP Engineering at Continuum Photonics where he lead the development of an Optical Cross Connect development. He was CTO and VP Engineering at Digital Link Corporation, where he led a variety of access product development efforts for carriers and enterprise customers. Steve has also served as an Executive Director at MCI where he was responsible for MCI’s Frame Relay, SMDS, ATM, X.25, Internet dial access networks and services. Steve was the Director of Systems and Hardware Engineering for WilTel, which was subsequently purchased by Worldcom, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the carrier’s ATM network. Steve was also instrumental in the development of Telinq Systems, prior to its acquisition by ADC, where he led the development of numerous ASICs for the SONET/SDH market. Early in his career, Steve has also held senior engineering positions at Rockwell International prior to his division’s purchase by Alcatel.

He holds a BSEE from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and an MBA from the University of Houston.

John O’Reilly – COO / President

As one of the original founders of TeleMate, John O’Reilly is the COO / President of the company. John is a Senior Executive who has headed Development organizations in both the public and private sector. As a visionary business professional, John identifies innovative approaches to the problem-solving of complex issues by transforming them into win-win propositions for all involved. John has a proven track record of 30 years of experience designing and delivering scalable voice and data systems for TeleMate to Fortune 100 companies and Service Providers. Specific technologies John has had direct leadership and design roles in include multi-IP Service platforms, unified communication analytics, and web security. He is also the primary person behind, U.S. Patent No. 6,292,801, that covers Telemate’s technology for tracking unified communication and IP traffic from a variety of network sources and correlating communications activity with a database of user accounts.

John’s areas of expertise include Software Development, Product Management, Intellectual Property Management, Sales, Operations, M&A Technology Assessments, Litigation Support, Cross function Information Systems implementation and refinement, Strategic and Operational Analysis and Reporting, Business Process Improvement.

He is a 1987 graduate of the University of Georgia with a BS in Computer Science.

Reginald D. Pearson – Vice President of Sales and Strategy 

With over 24 years of experience in the Unified Communication and Collaboration space, Reginald Pearson’s primary objective is to facilitate strategic paths to ensure profitable organizational growth and future sustainability.   Strategic paths includes; (1) Overseeing revenue generation by building successful direct and indirect avenues to sustain and generate organizational growth. (2) Marketing and core organizational re-branding that aligns with corporate objectives and fluid market conditions.

Reginald’s extensive experience has been spent driving revenues and organizational transformation with companies like British Telecommunications, SITA, Vidyo and Siemens (Unify) where he had the primary responsibility of growing in region revenues and mentoring incoming sales staff.

Reginald’s committed focused on helping companies achieve desired business outcomes by advocating and driving a balance between culture, process and technology within the organization.  He is on the forefront of thought leadership and is considered a subject matter expert in his field.

He currently holds seats on both the Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals and Code Enforcement Boards for the City of Grayson, GA where he supports and shapes strategic decisions to insure positive and sustainable growth for the city.

He is a 1993 graduate of Mars Hill College (Mars Hill, NC) with a BA in Public Relations/Communications with a concentration in Marketing and Management.

When Reginald takes off his work hat, he enjoys extensive international travels and competitive sports.

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