Top Line

The top-line benefits of effectively utilizing unified communication and collaboration are measurable if you have the tools to do so. Predictive UC Analytics empowers business stakeholders with insight to make decisive decisions when much is on the line. Remember, competitors are not waiting for you to act, they are working hard to pass you bye.

Actual customer use cases support this statement.

Faster Time to Market

All companies are trying to get an edge on the competition. Productivity enhancements have driven growth for years. UC technologies are a big part of business transformation providing the edge in making it easier for customers to select us. Tracking UC usage to align internal resources has increased our business by 2% … Transportation and Logistics Company

Increase Sales

With the accelerated growth of online sales and marketing, our UC platform provided better relationships with clients and customers, lower operational costs and higher sales. Using a single UC platform integrated instant messaging, video conferencing, email, text and document sharing into a single workflow so our staff seamlessly shared ideas and collaborate on projects. Having ongoing utilization matrices enables us to recognize and adjust as online trends change … Online Retailer

Increased Productivity with Enhanced Collaboration Tools

In this global world, we design in the USA, our software team is in India, and manufacturing in China. In order for our organization to reduce a new product cycle from 18 months to 12 months we needed tighter business integration. UC Video and Collaboration are two services that enables the reduction in time to market accounting for 8% of our top line gains … Industrial Manufacturing Company

Customer Retention

Using unified communication is key in our omni-channel contact center. Often customers have blurred the context between online and offline interactions. Customers expect a seamless experience no matter how they choose to connect. The business needs to be able to tie together every interaction, regardless if it’s voice, IM, application sharing, or other collaboration tools in order to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied. We saw a direct correlation between the reduction of customer attrition by 55% when management used analytics and performance modeling … Internet Security Company

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Retention

It is important to track adoption because using our collaboration services instead of just voice services raises customer satisfaction and decreases time to resolution. Our customer turn over rate has decreased 2% and our number of customers handled per customer service representation has increased 16% … National Insurance Company

Sales and Marketing Campaign Tracking

After launching a new campaign we tracked where the responses are coming from. We noted it’s effective in east and south regions, less effective in western regions. This allowed us to adjust the campaign in the under performing regions contributing to an 8% gain during the campaign period … Consumer Electronics Company

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