Bottom Line

Predictive UC Analytics provides business stakeholders a smart approach to linking their unified communication investment with business processes to drive efficiency and cost saving. Delivering value today and in the future.

Actual customer use cases support this statement.

Single Solution versus Multiple Siloed Products

Today, most UC services utilize separate reporting tools. We consolidated all UC services into one analytics tool reducing maintenance cost and training. For every siloed tool we eliminated we freed up 1/3 headcount required over an integrated approach. So six siloed tools has a cost of two FTE … Industrial Manufacturing Company

Risk Medication with Analytics

Our prior tools monitored most of the network but missed the telco gateways and border controllers. When a gateway went down it cost us $10K per day. Reducing the time to repair from a day to 4 hours has saved us $7-8K per event. Plus, we added an “alerting on unusual events”; waste, fraud and abuse detection is identified 80% quicker, saving $28K per quarter … Satellite Service Provider

Adoption Analysis to Support ROI Calculation

Most often a project is justified making a lot of assumptions. Post deployment is not the time to check if the assumptions were realistic. A tool needs to be put in place that applies the criteria and measures the ROI. This is done in real time and adjustment can be made, like additional training to encourage usage … Financial Service Company

UC Licensing Alignment and Capacity Planning

It is a fine line to balance hardware, bandwidth requirements, and device licensing when you must be ahead of the curve marketing and selling cloud UC Services. As a Managed Service Provider we need accurate data to forecast grow requirements to optimize our operational dollars. Making missteps due to guessing is not an option for us … International Managed Service Provider

Improved QoS with Actionable Event Trigger

Five key steps taken to deploy an enterprise class UC network include design, develop, test, implement, and monitor. The first four are the easiest. The trick is leveraging the right analytics and monitoring solution to immediately notify you when conditions are changing and what is effecting the network and where. Switching to my current solution easily saved us several FTEs, as well as, a lot of late nights! … Data Storage Company

Capacity Planning and Audits

We are a dynamic company so the only thing that is certain is change. Even with the best network planning there is excessive capacity. The number of trunks, number of licenses, and the number of ports can be monitored for peak usage on a continuous basis. These reports and real-time dashboards allow us to keep capacity at the optimal level. The tool had a two month ROI … Business Service Company

Quicker Troubleshooting

As a single platform, Predictive UC Analytics provides our IT organization with real-time service monitoring, actionable alerts and notifications, signaling detail, and service event log visualization. This gives us the assurance our global network is delivering the best service to both my internal and external customers … Multi-National Conglomerate Company

SLA Monitoring

Many services are outsourced to cloud providers. When these services are contracted the vendor needs to sign up for service level agreements (SLA). This tool can be used to monitor and aggregate rebates due to the business when service providers don’t live up to their end of the agreement … Software Company

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