Event Log Management

UC Infrastructure generates volumes of SYSLOG events that typically go to the ‘bit-bucket’. The Predictive UC Analytics platform captures this valuable troubleshooting data and cross correlates it into actionable insight when time is of the essence and systems are down. This is accomplished by thoughtfully placing focus on three primary functional areas of the platform.

First, Predictive UC Analytics provides a powerful Correlation Engine. The Correlation Engine’s functionality provides collection, pre and post processing, and monitor and ignore rules to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’. Management rules are provided out-of-the-box with user interfaces to make them more or less restrictive.

Second, by providing a intuitive graphical dashboard, Predictive UC Analytics enables simple interpretation of large volumes of complex SYSLOG event data generated by your UC infrastructure. SYSLOG Events are automatically categorized by severity, group, and subgroup helping to instantly identify operational issues and deliver real-time alarms and notification.

Third, Predictive UC Analytics Event Management services enables real-time alerts and notifications that deliver more value. The Event Management services provides real-time notification via flexible scripting with the added capability of compressing notification content when a standard system restart could generate 100’s or 1000’s of critical severity events. Our thoughtful approach has the intelligence to send one or two alert roll-ups versus thousands that will just create another IT issue. In addition, configurable scheduled maintenance windows are provided at the server level that mutes alerts and notification but continues to track and correlate event flows.

Event Management

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