User Experience Analytics

Reporting and monitoring technologies are traditionally thought of as IT tools rather than as user experience tools. Predictive UC Analytics marries the need for business analytics of unified communication session activity with experience modeling that depicts how individuals or groups interact with UC services. The premise of deriving user experience modeling stems from a history of servicing enterprise and service provider customers over the past 30 years.

Many systems aggregate session totals. Predictive UC Analytics goes significantly beyond that by utilizing statistical modeling to empower stakeholders with the ability to score or grade interactions through UC sessions. To quickly explain how scores are calculated, Predictive provides both out-of-the-box and the customizable models that identify UC traffic patterns into a simple bell-curve. You are then given the ability to define the point of the curve that receives an ‘A’ though the failing grade of an ‘F’.

A common use-case used to explain the significance of the feature is looking at the inbound experience of customers contacting a contact center for assistance. Common scores used to determine an overarching grade could include number of inbound call attempts attempts from an ANI, number of call-back attempts, number of transfers, total or average queue time, hold-time, and work-time. Since we all have personally interacted with a service provider and/or vendor for assistance it is simple to see the direct correlations between customer satisfaction and the top-line of the business delivering the service.

Experience models are not just for voice based technologies but across media types of voice, contact center, voicemail, video, IM, and Email. Popular models include:

  • Contact Center Experience
  • Inbound Contact Experience
  • Outbound Contact Experience
  • QoS Experience
  • Adoption Experience

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