Endpoint Geo-Location

All unified communication session activity has a source and destination even traffic that traverses complex clustered networks. A single call can route from call managers through session border controllers (SBC) to the public network or across the globe to another private on-network location. Regardless of the communication being a phone call or video conference, collaboration like IM, or an email, Predictive UC Analytics will identify the source and destination of the activity.

For many types of communication, the source and destination values contain information that can be translated into a geographical coordinate. For example, a phone number contains an area code / exchange or a international country code / city code. Without exposing trade secrets even domain names and IP addresses support look up techniques for mapping. Next, the provisioning of endpoint technologies and SBCs traditionally include location based attributes, defining the internal network, that can easily be captured and bridged.


Predictive UC Analytics’ ViewPoint feature set enables the geo-locational mapping of on-site, off-site, and site-to-site session activity. This provides a simple interactive interface that utilizes both size and color to represent business matrices, like quality of service (QoS), contact center performance, capacity planning, sales or marketing campaign performance, and much more. Plus, the site-to-site provides the additional benefit of depicting bi-directional traffic flows.

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