NetAuditor® Event Manager

NetAuditor expands network security event management (SEM) strategies beyond basic end-point protection by accelerating the detection and automated response that leading firewall manufacturers omit in their border security offerings. NetAuditor includes automatic end-user identity association, geographic location identification by region; country; and service provider, Internet content categorization, real-time monitoring, and network event triggers.

NetAuditor provides a dashboard component for a fast and convenient way to search through all of your processed event data. You can select any date that you have processed data for and then start searching for traffic of interest. If you choose "today", the dashboard listings will auto-refresh as new data is processed in for the current day.

Interactive Dashboards

The dashboard provides a number of options for quickly finding data you are interested in:

  • Filtering options include device, date, and group membership using LDAP; IPv4; IPv6; Host; and User Name.
  • Options exist to enable viewing per dashboard by volume and accesses. Additionally, each dashboard has interactive search fields with expression based syntax to quickly find data.